A special mobile application for barbershops, independent hair stylists, beauty salons, etc. is called the Multi Vendor Salons Application. Users can look for different barbershops or independent contractors. Hairdressers, beauticians, and cosmetics artists are featured on the app for scheduling barbershops, beauty treatments, and looking up salons. Customers, businesses, and freelancers can all register on the app to request and deliver services. Users can conduct location-based searches for barbershops. The client can select a specific barbershop that offers services online, book a service, and pay for it. This increases brand recognition and market presence. With their own management system, several salon service providers classified establishments and services offered in homes or salons.

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Booking | Barber | Salon | Spa| Massage | Business Listing | Multivendor | Multishop App
  • Last Update : 19 January 2023
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