Destroy all enemies on your way. Collect coins to unlock new skins for your character. But not everything is so simple, it’s not enough just to destroy a couple of enemies, but you need to destroy the place of their creation so that the teleport opens for you. But do not worry that you will fight alone against a horde of opponents. During the level, bonuses will be dropped to help you.

Instructions: Mobile control – Control your character with sticks.

PC control – W A S D – move character LMB – shot

Note: This game was created using Construct 3 (Source code inside). To make your changes to the game, you will need a Construct Level 3 “Individual” license or higher.
What is Included:

Source code in .c3p format (Construct 3)
Html5 files for your site.

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Bubble Stars. Mobile, Html5 Game .c3p (Construct 3)
  • 8 February 2022
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