Revenues originate from the cases, and the cases have the customers as responsible for the payment.
When starting a case, there is a field to inform the amount that will be charged for the services performed in the case.

The key points of the Finance module are:
Chart of accounts
Bank Accounts
Add, Edit, Delete Vendor
Fields: Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile, Alternate mobile, Address, Country, State, City, Tax id
Add, Edit, Delete Service
Fields: Name, Amount, Description
Add, Edit, Delete Tax
Fields: Tax Name, Tax Rate, Description
Create Income Invoice Based on Service or individual Case billed to Clients
Create Expense Invoice Based on Contracted Service Billed from Vendor
Add, Edit, Delete Extra income
Add, Edit, Delete Extra Expense
Profit Calculation based on income and expense
Transaction ReportAccount Statement
Account Ledger for Vendor, Client, Bank account, Chart of accounts, Tax
expense type
add expense
Add income
Income Type
Invoice for each case
Transaction Report
Account Statement
Account Ledger for Vendor, Client, Chart of accounts

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Finance – InfixAdvocate Module
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