MineLab, a laravel made crypto mining platform that enables a great opportunity to create your cloud crypto mining website. worlds becoming cashless and crypto becoming popular day by day. it’s an $8 Billion industry currently. a lot of people now interest to run their cloud mining platform, some datacenter who has a lot of mining tools are interested to connect those online that’s can peoples able to invest there. we got hundreds of requests to develop such items and we collect idea’s from some popular cloud mining platforms: genesis mining, shamining, hashshiny, iqmining. it’s a primary release of Minelab, we have the intention to update it, but it depends on your choice, depends on sale, depends on update request.

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MineLab – Cloud Crypto Mining Platform
  • Last Update : 12 June 2024 - v3.0


Last Update:12 June 2024 - v3.0
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