My Scanner app is purely developed using the Native Android Language that generates and scanned the QR Code. Extremely fast QR/Barcode scanner that supports all QR formats!

It’s very easy to use, no need to press any buttons or adjust the zoom, just open it and point to the QR &  Barcode, and it will auto recognize, scan, and decode the QR code. After scanning, several relevant options for the results will be provided, you can add contact information, dial a phone number, visit the websites, or even connect to Wi-Fi without entering the password.

Business Card Reader can be picked or capture images and show this information for save for future use(Phone number, Email, Website)

Want QR scanner and QR code reader? Looking for QR code scanner? No satisfied QR code scanner? Try the best QR scanner and QR reader! This QR scanner and QR code reader support all QR formats.

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My QR Code Generate  Scanning Android App(Android 11 Supported)
  • Last Update : 31 May 2022 - V3.0
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