My Radio with Recording: Now you can listen to radio stations on the go. Mark your favourite station, and listen whenever you want. This is the best ever app on play store.


  • Add Unlimited Stations in external XML file, without putting load on your server.
  • Recording
  • Beautiful UI.
  • Support shoutcast,icecast,mp3,m3u8 and many more.
  • Sleep Alarm.
  • Favourite.
  • Search by station name.
  • Social share.
  • Firebase Push notification.
  • Notification music bar.
  • iTunes album art.
  • Optimized for Android 9!


  • Basic support: Basic support is available for free via comments section or email. Feel free to ask any tech related questions regarding the app.
  • Advanced support: It includes installation of web server and app, basic customization and other basic additions. It’s not available for free and you’ve to contact author for more information.
  • Customization: Customization is available for this app. Contact author via email for more information.

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My Radio with Recording
  • Last Update : 14 March 2023 - v5.0


Last Update:14 March 2023 - v5.0
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