PlayTubeVideo – The Perfect Online NODE and REACT JS Live Streaming, Video CMS and Video Sharing Platform

How Live Streaming Works:

PlayTubeVideo should be pre-installed on your server.
Live streaming setting should be Enabled from Admin panel.
Obtain the Agora keys from your Agora account and save them in Admin’s Live streaming settings fields.
Click on Go Live link to start live session.
Followers will get a notification and email of host of going live.
Create a Live stream meeting for a specific video’s category. Select the desires settings ex. save video/chat/comments/privacy etc.
Users will get the live stream on home recent videos and Live page.
During the live session, audience can communicate with chat option.
Audience can leave the meeting anytime during or after the live video ends.
OBS RTMP streaming is integrated with

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PlayTubeVideo – Live Streaming and Video CMS Platform 3.2
  • Last Update : 26 April 2022 - V3.2
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