“Emergency And Safety” App is a Realtime Live GPS Based Security App that will run Worldwide. This app is built for Safety Reasons around the world.
The App Description:

Users have to logged in with Phone Number and OTP verification.
Users have to add Emegergency contacts. Emergency contacts must be this App users also. That Means App users will add each other as emergency contacts.
When Emergency Situation come, Users have to activate SOS Mode inside the App and Emergency Contacts of that users will be Notified Instantly with Push Notifications.
Emergency Contacts of the SOS victims can see Realtime Live Movements of that victims until SOS Mode is Deactivated
An user can add Many Emergency Contacts and An user can be the emergency contact of many many users at a time.
Also If an user activate sos mode then his all emergency contacts can see his movements in Realtime Live untill sos is deactivated.
An Emergency Contact can see all victims (SOS MODE Activated) Realtime live locations movements , who added him as emergency contact.
Push Notifications for SOS Mode Activate/Deactivate
Phone Protection Feature is for Safely of all. With Phone Protection Feature , No one can switch off Phone/Data/GPS. Ultra Security Mode. With that your security can be secured more than ever. If phone is running with data and gps, your friends and family can save you in just time.
Demo Subscription and Payment Gateway Integrated
All Realtime Functionality inside the app
Realtime Push Notifications
This app has background services ,If app is closed by the user, No problem the background services can run in all situations like: app is running/app is close/phone screen off/ Phone screen on etc, at any circumstances this app will run on background and secure your safety
There is an Admin app, built only for set Subscription prices and can see platform users details

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SOS Emergency And Safety app – For Everyone#039;s Safety Worldwide with Phone Protection Feature
  • Last Update : 10 May 2022


Last Update:10 May 2022
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