Tailwick is a versatile and user-friendly Tailwind CSS Admin and Dashboard Template. It is fully responsiveness, extensive customization options, and a rich selection of pre-designed components, pages, and layouts to streamline the creation of stunning and functional dashboards for your projects. It is built with HTML, React Js, Vue 3, Angular 17, Laravel 10, Svelte Js, ASP.Net Core 8, MVC5, Node Js, Symfony, PHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Django and Flask with Tailwind CSS 3.3.5 and Vite 5.0.2. Whether you are building a web app, dashboards, admin panels, eCommerce platform, HR system, social network, email client, analytics dashboard, or any SASS-based interface, Tailwick’s admin dashboard template is your ideal choice.

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Tailwick – Tailwind CSS Admin  Dashboard Template


Last Update:12 March 2024