The Easy Share app allows you the ease of transferring files, sharing music, app,s and videos on your Android devices. Transfer all files and media to your smart device. Just select the document you want to share. Including videos, photos, music, apps, PDF files, or anything that the transfer app uses. Quickly share photos, videos, music, and files between mobile devices anytime or send anywhere. Transfer and receive multiple apps and files from one device to another with the file transfer app. The Easy Share application also allows you to transfer photos. Now easily transfer photos without internet or mobile data with the photo transfer app. Share media and receive multiple photos from device to device in seconds. Share music playlist. Transfer all kinds of songs, and audio clips. Video Share transfers all video and brings you a smooth playback experience. In addition, we transfer and receive various videos from one device to another with the data transfer and video sharing app.

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Transferex Explorer (File transfer) Share
  • Last Update : 21 January 2023
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