Vuero is not a theme, it’s not a framework, instead, it is a hybrid design system. Vuero is not just a Vue port of Huro, it is a full rewrite using the brand new Vue 3 Composition API. It provides ready pages to start building your application effortlessly, as well as a set of additional elements that will help you create new pages for your specific needs. Everything you need to start is there, dashboards, forms, layouts, profile, apps, elements, components and much more.. Please note however that Vuero is not a WordPress theme.

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Vuero – Vuejs, Nuxt, Electron – Admin and Webapp UI Kit
  • Last Update : 11 May 2024 - v3.0


Last Update:11 May 2024 - v3.0
Tags: admin , app , business , clean , corporate , mobile , modal , modern , professional , responsive , saas , typescript , vue , vue3 , Vuejs ,