Doctor Plus for Paitent React Native App Template is a medical online service. You can ask a free question about any health issues and get free answers and instant help from top doctors on your phone. You can also find doctors in 100+ specialties and can pay for an online consult instantly by video, voice call or live chat with a primary care doctor 24/7 or book an online appointment.

Besides, with Doctor Plus you can do:
– Get precious health tips, article, enroll the health guides, follow up health topics… created by trusted doctors.
– Collect all your health data in one place via Medical Record. This includes medical treatments, prescriptions, labs, wearable devices, Apple Health app data, and doctor visit notes…
– Using Medication Reminder, you will never forget to take your meds and pills again.

…and a lot of awesome things will make your life better and healthy.

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Doctor Plus – Patient React Native App Template
  • Last Update : 29 November 2022
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