We are glad to introduce to you HRM Human Resource Management System, a great deal of completeness and compact HRM solution mobile application. Here you can easily organize and maintain your single or multiple companies, check your staffs to employees’ attendance, team management with their assigning task, appointments, entire business operations leading to employee’s individual performance, bi-weekly or monthly expenditure, departmental analysis, announcement, track indoor and outdoor visits i.e.- any type of collection or delivery, meetings, submissions. Our HRM solution app can be beneficial for your company’s growth as it will improve the work efficiency of your employees and you can also dive into the foreseeable future. Our upcoming features like- payroll management, loan services are on its way. Basically, this HRM Human Resource Management System mobile application is built under Latest Flutter Framework.

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Onest HRM Human Resource Management System App [Not Includes Web, Admin]
  • Last Update : 5 July 2022
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